About me


I have a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

I started my career in 2008 as a full stack web developer at DGEM Inc. (Montreal, Canada), where I worked for the wine industry.

I then joined Liip (Switzerland) in 2009 where I continued in the web and mobile development realms. My main project was the development of a mobile payment solution which was a real innovation back in 2010, so much that it made it to Steve Jobs' shortlist.
The first Liip's Scrum team was assembled for this product. There, I took the Scrum Master role for two years. I founded and organized the Agile Tour Lausanne for three years in order to exchange best practices with Romandie profesionnals.

In 2011, I switched to the Product Owner and Business Developer roles to be closer to business and end user needs (I still code at home on side projects to satisfy my geek side).
During this period, I collaborated with the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking Maison to revamp their global ecommerce website. Another challenging product was the launch of the mobile app for a famous European football association in 1.5 months targeting millions of users. Lastly, I supported the Product team at QoQa to relaunch their websites and mobile apps, both methodologically using the Agile Scrum framework, and technically with a new tech stack based on Ruby on Rails.

Since 2016, I focus on crafting mobile applications that are useful, respectful, and innovative. I also lead our Lean Startup accompaniment service to help companies reach product-market fit. I'm particularly proud to have partnered with these two purposeful startups: Urban Connect and One.Thing.Less.
In parallel, I have the following roles: Lead Mobile Apps for all of our offices, Coach for new Product Owners and Business Developers, and Legal Reviewer and Signer.

I joined the board of CooperativeSuisse in 2019 to help spread the motto: "Business and fairness are key to long term success" motto. I help there by bringing my startup and digital expertise, as well as my Romandie network.


I'm passionate about Product Management. Particularly the moment when I pinpoint the problem-solution fit after dozens of investigative interviews. I founded the Lean Startup Romandie Breakfast to exchange with other PMs and entrepreneurs in Western Switzerland.

Moreover, I'm a Teal organization model enthusiast. It's the future of work.
I believe it can enable companies to be sustainable on the long term, nourishing their success from the unleashed purpose of each and every — self-organized — employee.
I'm lucky to experience this concept for real at Liip, where we run on the Holacracy framework to self-manage our company.


I value authenticity as the way to be successful in business on the long run.

For everything operational, my motto is: know why you do things, and do them with the least input to generate the maximum output (aka purposeful efficiency).

Finally, what drives me is to add value to people via digital tools. No bullshit marketing. No sales for the sake of selling. No useless mobile app that people will trash after the first usage. Only useful and respectful stuff that I'd use myself.


If you think you know about a topic that connect several of the above dots, please send me a message via Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.